13 March 2014

30 Words :: Shape Shifter

Just a 
few short days ago
a pure white iceburg
blocked my daily retreat.
Now the warming sun
r e v e a l s 
a shape shifting cRaGGy outcrop
of dazzling diamonds 
rimmed in grime.

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  1. You took a great photo and perfectly expressed a wonderful impression of it, Erin! xox jean

  2. A great photo. Even the grime looks lovely against the ice.

  3. Really like this photo!! But...I'm glad to see the icy mess disappear till next winter.

  4. Cool picture Erin. This might be the first time I've thought dirty snow looked pretty! I'll be glad when it has all melted away and we get a good, cleansing spring rain!

  5. I've got tons of this sitting outside my house! I'm happy it is going away though!

  6. Stunning picture and lovely words, I couldn't imagine living where there is so much ice and snow!

  7. what a fun way to look at it. Here's hoping the warming trend continues!

  8. Totally rockstar photo... what an amazing, uplifting and poetic way of seeing this lingering winter season. Optimism at it's finest dear Erin! Hugs!


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